Owning a home is expensive. Expenses include your mortgage, utility bills, lawn care & cleaning services, and other daily operating costs. Additional costs can pop up out of nowhere and include major appliances breaking down, roof repairs, leaking pipes, and so much more. When these items fail and are in need of repair, many homeowners believe DIY repair is best. 

What if DIY repair could actually cost you more? 

While many Arizona homeowners attempt DIY repairs, they are unaware these repairs could become extremely costly. DIY repair also can cause your system to work harder and wear quicker and be dangerous for an untrained individual. Here is a closer look at 4 reasons to avoid DIY AC repair.

Small “Easy” Repairs Become Costly

A repair that you see as an “easy fix” can become very costly, very quickly for several reasons. 

  • Not fixing the problem correctly the first time will likely cause the problem to occur again, but more severe. This will likely require the attention of a trained HVAC technician.  
  • A small repair is typically the sign of a bigger issue. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge of a skilled HVAC professional. A technician will have the eye to spot a larger problem developing as they are working on your AC system. 
  • If there is an underlying issue with your AC system and you do not catch it during your DIY repair, your unit may not efficiently cool your home. You will see an increase in your utility bills and a noticeable difference in your comfort level.

Some Repairs Can Be Dangerous

Changing the air filter, cleaning air vents, and clearing your outside unit of debris are all simple improvements homeowners can safely perform to help their AC system perform. However, some other repairs can be very dangerous and result in injury. Your air conditioner uses a large amount of electricity to cool your home. It also uses chemicals that can be harmful when not handled properly. HVAC technicians come equipped with the proper safety gear and knowledge to accurately complete your repairs.

Suitable Equipment Is Necessary

Like any big project, having the right tools to do the job will get it done efficiently and effectively. The same applies to repairs and maintenance for your AC system. HVAC equipment is complex and requires specialized tools to complete repairs. Not utilizing the correct tools can cause damage to the unit or injury to the DIYer performing the repairs. Hiring a professional will ensure the repair is complete with the specialized tools. They will also have almost immediate access to parts needed for the repair, saving you a trip or two to the hardware store.

Don’t Compromise Your Warranty

Home AC units tend to come with great warranties that cover the cost of repairs if the unit breaks down. The warranty is only valid if service is performed by a certified HVAC technician. While you might want to save a few dollars by completing a small repair yourself, you may pay for it later when your system requires replacement parts that are no longer covered by your voided warranty.

Saving a few dollars now may end up costing you in the long run.

Though a repair may be simple, contact a professional HVAC company to perform repairs. They will be able to do so efficiently, effectively, and safely! 

Reliable Air Conditioning provides quality AC services to the entire Phoenix Valley. Our team is available to assess your current system and provide you with the best options for repair and replacement units. Contact our office to speak to a comfort specialist or schedule your repair service. We’re here, when you need us most!

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