The HVAC system installed in your Arizona home is likely one of the most expensive mechanical systems used to create a comfortable living space. To keep these systems operational and running efficiently, your air ducts should be sealed as tightly as possible. How do you know when there is a leak in your ducts and they are in need of sealing?

Symptoms Your Air Ducts Need Sealed

  1. Increased Utility Bills – Higher utility bills can be an indication that your air ducts may have a leak. A leak in your ducts will force your HVAC systems to run more frequently and work harder in order to keep your home at the desired temperature. The extra energy required to run your system will be reflected in your utility bills.
  2. Uneven Room Temperatures – If the rooms in your home have noticeably different temperatures, you may have an air duct leak. The room farthest from the unit will likely be the one with the most difference in temperature. It is important to note if a room receives a lot of sunshine that would alter the temperature naturally. 
  3. Extra Dust – Most likely, you do not dust your attic space or basement. When there is a leak or hole in the ducts located in your attic or basement, you may notice extra dust around your home. The ducts will suck up the dust and dirt from these spaces and disburse them throughout your home. 
  4. Strange Smells – Air ducts run all throughout your home and are presumably located in spaces that are musty, like a crawl space or between walls. The air inside these spaces typically doesn’t smell the best as there is not much ventilation and they are not regularly cleaned like the rest of your home.  If you notice unfamiliar smells coming from your vents, you may have a hole in your ductwork.

Tips to Find the Leak

As a homeowner, you may not know exactly where to look or have the tools accessible to find the tear. There are a few things you can do before calling a professional to verify that you have a leak. One, look for obvious tears in the air ducts. You may also want to look for duct tape from a previous homeowner who attempted a DIY repair.

Additionally, turning your system on full blast will allow you to check the air ducts for air flow. Check the air ducts for holes and check your rooms for the force of the air coming through the vents. If something seems off, you likely have a leak and are in need of professional support.

Professional Support

Sometimes these air duct leaks are located in areas where it may be difficult to reach or even discover the leak. Before taking on a repair such as this, it is recommended to talk with a professional and request an inspection. 

Reliable Air Conditioning offers over 15 years experience in the HVAC industry and our team is experienced in duct work. We will professionally assess your home and find the leak before we provide you with the best repair services. Contact our team today to schedule your service inspection and repairs.

Do you believe your air ducts are leaking?

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