Arizona is not the place you want to be without a working air conditioner. With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees in the summer months, it is extremely important to make sure your cooling system is functioning. When your system is in need of replacement, it will typically let you know. We’ve compiled 5 signs your AC unit may need replaced to help you spot these signs early on, before you are left in the heat of the summer!

  1. High Electric Bills – If you have lived in your home for several years, you know what your typical operating expenses for your appliances look like. An electric bill that is suddenly significantly higher is a very clear sign that your AC unit is in need of repair or more likely replaced. Consulting with your HVAC professional can help determine the cause of the electricity spike and offer the best option for replacement.  
  2. Strange Sounds & Foul Odors – When you first turn on your AC system for the season, it is common for a few squeals to come out or a smell is noticed. However, if your system continues to produce strange sounds or foul odors, you should contact a professional. Hearing strange sounds can be an indication of slipping belts or more serious issues. Abnormal smells could be burned out wires or a sign of mold growth within the system. Both should be inspected immediately or a new unit will be necessary. 
  3. Blows Warm Air or Poor Air Flow – The purpose of an air conditioner is to blow cool air throughout your home or business. If it is not serving its purpose, it may be time for a replacement. Warm air or little air flow are clear signs that there is an issue with your unit and you should call your preferred HVAC expert. There may be a bigger problem within your AC unit or duct system and this can typically be found by a professional. 
  4. Frequent Repairs Needed – A significant increase in the amount of service calls from AC technician is a clear sign your unit is ready to be replaced. The amount you are spending on the service and parts can add up. If you were to take that money and put it towards a new unit, you will be much more happy in the end. 
  5. Leakage – Your air conditioner naturally produces small amounts of water as a part of the cooling process. This water is typically directed to a drain pain and down a condensate drain line out of your home. If you are noticing significant water around your AC unit, it may be time to replace it. Be sure to check the fluid, it may be a refrigerant leak that can cause serious health risks. Both water and refrigerant can cause mold growth when left untouched. Both are also a sign that a professional should be called in.

These signs paired with the age of your AC unit may result in the need of a new unit installed. Typically if your air conditioner is 10+ years old, it may need to be replaced. However, if you regularly maintain your system and care for it, age should not be the main determining factor for a new unit purchase. Consulting with a professional before making any conclusions is highly recommended.

Consulting an HVAC professional before ultimately choosing a new AC unit may prove that your unit is just in need of repair. If you are seeking an expert’s opinion, contact Reliable Air Conditioning. We are available for consultation, repair services, and new unit installation.

Does Your AC Unit Need Replaced?

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