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Air Conditioning Repair Services

During hot Arizona summers, it is important to have a working air conditioner. What do you do when your system begins to fail you or completely stops working? When this happens, Reliable Air Conditioning is available for fast repair services to restore the temperature inside your home or business. We are here when you need us most!

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When should you call Reliable Air Conditioning for a repair?

It is not always predictable when your air conditioner is going to break down. There are some warning signs that are indicators of a problem coming soon that will need resolved. These include abnormal noises, accumulation of water, increased utility bill, diminishing air quality, thermostat issues, and dirty air filters. If you witness any of these, take them as a red flag and request a repair service from Reliable Air Conditioning. We will assess your system and complete any necessary repairs.

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Living in Arizona, you understand the impact the heat has on everything around you. The heat also impacts your air conditioning unit. We recommend having your system maintained and inspected twice a year due to the extreme conditions and demands we put on our AC systems throughout the year. Annual inspection of your unit and system can:

  • Keep your system running efficiently.
  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Extend the life of your system.
  • Prevent costly breakdowns by catching repairs in the early stages.
  • Keep your system’s warranty valid.

Reliable Air Conditioning is your Phoenix Valley air conditioning maintenance provider. If you are seeking regular preventative maintenance, consider one of our Service Partner Plans. Based on your HVAC service needs, we can determine which plan is best for you and keep your system functioning all year long.

You shouldn’t have to be without air conditioning! Our team of licensed technicians are available for all of your air conditioning repair service needs. Contact our office at 480-400-9390 to schedule your AC system repair or maintenance service today.

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