Your air conditioner does more than keep you comfortable during the hottest times of the year. An AC unit has the ability to filter the air that is pushed throughout the inside of your home. When properly cared for and the filter replaced regularly, your HVAC system will perform efficiently while keeping irritating particles from inside your Arizona home. 

Homeowners often debate what type of filter is best for keeping the air inside your home clean and healthy to breath. Ultimately, the filter you choose to use depends on you and your home’s air quality needs. To help you decided, we’re going to walk you through the various filter types available to homeowners today.


The most commonly used type of air filter is the fiberglass filter. These types of filters are popular because they are disposable, inexpensive, yet effective in trapping large airborne particles. Unlike higher-tech filters, fiberglass filters lack the air purifying feature that many homeowners need to trap airborne particles.


Pleated filters have the ability to prevent dust from entering your HVAC system while trapping some particles and allergens. These filters are popular because they trap pet dander and dust mites before they make their way into your home, which is best if you suffer from allergies. A pleated filter is essentially a tighter woven fiberglass filter. As the fibers are more compact, your AC system will work harder to pull the air through the unit, causing some efficiency to be lost. However, the air quality inside your home will increase with this reasonably priced filter. 


With a higher upfront cost, washable filters have the ability to more than pay for themselves in the long run. Each manufacturer of washable filters will provide specific cleaning instructions. Ensuring the filter has enough time to properly be cleaned and dried before reinstalling it is important to prevent mold growth inside your AC unit. 


Compared to pleated filters, electrostatic filters are even better at filtering allergens, such as dust and pet dander. These filters also have the ability to deter even the smallest airborne particles from making it inside your home. Using small cotton and paper fibers to generate static charge, they have the ability to prevent the circulation of harmful molecules through your home. The cost of an electrostatic filter is a bit more than a pleated or fiberglass filter, but is one of the best choices if you are allergy prone. 


High efficiency particulate air filters, or HEPA filters, are the best option for those who experience respiratory issues or extreme allergies. With the ability to trap up to 99.7% of contaminants, HEPA filters are highly recommended. These filters will be the most expensive and they can restrict air flow through your AC unit, making it less efficient.  

A Few Additional Options

If you are concerned about the air inside your home, another option is to install an air filtration or purification system. UV air sanitizers are another great option for those who are concerned about their health or have easily irritated symptoms. The greatest advantages these systems have over a filter, is they have the ability to cleanse the air from pollutants and kill harmful bacterias, viruses, and mold. 

Replacing the filter inside your air conditioning unit is essential to maintain its efficiency and proper air quality inside your home. If you are allergy prone, suffer from asthma, or simply want to block harmful particles from entering your home, you may want to consider an alternative filter. 

Reliable Air Conditioning is available for all of your filter replacement needs. Our team can help you assess your home and air conditioning system to determine which filter is best for your air quality requirements. We can also discuss the alternative options to purify and cleanse the air you breathe. Contact our office and speak to a professional today!

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