Proper maintenance on your air conditioner is important! Having a professional HVAC technician examine your units and system at least once a year is recommended. Doing so can help prevent major breakdowns, allow your system to function efficiently, and extend the life of your unit.

One key component of your air conditioning system is the air filter. Exchanging your filter for a new or clean one can also help keep your system running at top notch. But how often should you replace your filter? There are many factors that contribute to the frequency and a few general guidelines when it comes when it comes to changing your air filter. Let’s start with the basics. 

What is the purpose of the air filter? 

An air filter is typically composed of woven fiberglass fibers contained in a cardboard frame. The primary function is to remove particles from the air that circulates through your cooling system. In general, the air filter prevents dust, pet hair, dirt, pollen, and other small microorganisms from circulating through your home. 

There are different types of air filter for you to choose from. Based on the air quality needs of your household will generally dictate the type of filter you use. For example, if you are allergy prone, suffer from asthma, or simply want to block harmful particles from entering your home, you may want to consider an alternative filter.

Filter Replacement

A basic fiberglass or pleated air filter with standard use should be replaced every 30-60 days. Under certain circumstances, these filters may need to be replaced more frequently. These can include the size of your home, number of pets, air pollution levels, and the filter model. A monthly physical inspection of your air filter is recommended and exchanging the filter when it is dirty. 

Choosing to not change a dirty filter can cause significant damage to your unit and cooling system. A dirty filter is often the source of system malfunction and excessive wear on a unit. The more clogged a filter is, the harder the unit has to work to efficiently cool your home and will likely increase your monthly energy bills. You also risk accumulation of harmful contaminants inside your system’s ducts by not cleaning the filter.

Preventative Maintenance

Taking care of your air conditioner will ensure it takes care of you when the heat of the summer is at its highest. One of the best things you can do for your AC unit is replacing the filter when it needs it most. Be sure to check your AC unit for proper filter size before replacing it. 

If you believe your air conditioning unit is in need of repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Reliable Air Conditioning. Our technicians are highly skilled and available for everything from routine preventative maintenance to new unit installation. We’re here, when you need us most!

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