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Misting Systems

Living in Arizona, we are no strangers to the hot summer days and temperatures frequently reaching over 100 degrees. The heat often drives us indoors and prevents us from enjoying the sunny days. A simple solution that offers relief on a hot Arizona day and allows you to enjoy your backyard or patio is a misting system. Reliable Air Conditioning is experienced installing commercial, residential, and animal misting systems.

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How does a misting system work?

Basic science tells us that water absorbs heat when it evaporates. An outdoor misting system utilizes the same process to cool the air without making your patio or furniture damp. A quality outdoor misting system uses high pressure pumps, properly sized tubing, and regulated spray tips to create a mist. This mist is fine enough that it will evaporate almost immediately. When properly installed, a misting system can reduce the “feels like” temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Types of Misting Systems

  • Commercial – Frequently used by restaurants or for outdoor gaming facilities, our commercial misting systems can add great value to your business.
  • Residential – Commonly installed around pools and patios, our residential misting systems allow your family and friends to enjoy your backyard even during the warmest months.
  • Animal – Keep your furry friends and livestock comfortable with a misting system.


Reliable Air Conditioning offers a variety of misting system solutions for your home, business, and animals. Our high-pressure misting plans and accessories are available to help keep you, your customers, and your animals comfortable in the Arizona sun. Our team is experienced and prepared to professionally install your misting system to your satisfaction.

We offer the following misting system options:

  • Patio Misting System
  • Pool Misting System
  • Water Fog Effects
  • Misting Towers
  • Misting Fans
  • Livestock Cooling
  • Horse Misting System
  • Restaurant Misting System
  • Commercial Misting System
  • Industrial Misting System
  • Sports Misting System
  • Garage Misting System
  • Outdoor Misting System
  • Outdoor Cooling

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