When it comes to cooling your home, you have several options to choose from if you are needing a new system. Carefully assess your home and determining what type is best for you can be confusing because of the several options available. Purchasing a new air conditioner is a major investment and educating yourself can help in the decision making process. 

Two of the most popular whole-house systems in Arizona include package AC units and split air conditioning systems. Understanding the difference between the two is important for when you are ready to have a new unit installed. Each system has its own unique advantages and capabilities.

What is a “Split Air Conditioning System”?

A split air conditioning system typically has a unit outside and unit inside that work together to cool your home. The unit outside contains the compressor and is charged with removing heat from the home. An indoor unit, frequently called the air handler, is responsible for circulating the air inside your home. The air handler is often confused with the furnace as they tend to look similar and it works with both HVAC systems. 

What is a “Package AC Unit”?

A package AC unit is very different from a split system in the way that all of the components are contained inside one package unit. The unit includes all necessities for cooling and heating your home without the need of an indoor cooling or furnace unit. Package units are typically found on the roof or side of your building because Arizona homes usually do not have basements.

3 Key Differences

  1. Installation – The installation process of a split system is going to be a bit more complex than that of a package unit. A split system has two parts that will need to be installed and connected in order for the system to function properly. A skilled technician will be able to complete this, but it will take time. As for the packaged unit, installation is less complex because most parts are put together in one “package” before they leave the manufacture. If a package unit is going to be installed on a roof, there may be the need for a platform to be built and a crane to hoist the unit. A professional HVAC company can organize this for a smooth installation.
  2. Noise – With half of the entire system located inside your home, you can expect to hear noise from a split system. Sounds from the system turning on and off along with even greater sounds if there is a problem with the unit can be annoying to some homeowners. The noise from a package system should be minimal, if at all,  as the system is located outdoors.
  3. Maintenance – If you choose a split system, you might expect maintenance costs to be a little more than those of a package unit. With two systems to examine and perform necessary repairs on, a split system will require more time for the technician and increased costs for maintenance. On the contrary, a package unit is typically easier to access, however, performing maintenance can be challenging if your unit is located on the roof. Package units are also more susceptible to damage as they are completely exposed to the elements, unlike the split system with one unit located indoors.

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