Arizona is well known for its higher than average temperatures, which require you to have a functioning air conditioner most of the year. One key component to an AC unit that makes sure you have cool air blowing through your home is the refrigerant. While the coolant is an important part of the cooling system, most Arizona homeowners do not know much about it.

What is refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a substance commonly used in cooling cycles because it can undergo phase transitions very quickly and efficiently. As the refrigerant works its way through the transition, and through your cooling system, it will change from a liquid to a gas and then back to a liquid again. Because of its unique ability to change form, refrigerant is a great option for your air conditioning system to help move heat out of your home and replace it with cooler air. 

Many homeowners recognize the term “Freon” when it comes to refrigerant. In technical terms, “Freon” is a brand of refrigerant, but most HVAC companies understand exactly what is being talked about when the term is used. 

What role does refrigerant play?

As we said above, refrigerant is unique in the way it can transition from gas to liquid form quite easily. Within your cooling system, refrigerant is on a constant cycle between the different parts. As a gas, refrigerant starts at the compressor where it is highly pressurized while absorbing heat from your home. As this happens, the refrigerant becomes a liquid and is moved to the outside condenser. While inside the condenser unit, the refrigerant will release the heat it gathered while inside your home with support from the blower. The final stage before being transported back inside, refrigerant is changed back to a gas within the evaporator. 

As this process progresses, the refrigerant cools down and turns back into a low-pressures gas. A second fan inside your home blows the newly cooled air over a set of coils before it is distributed throughout the house. Once this is complete, the cycle starts all over again.

While this may seem a bit technical and confusing, it does help explain the importance of refrigerant and how it helps keep your home cool.

How often do I need to add or replace the refrigerant? 

When properly cared for and with everything running efficiently, your AC system should never run out of refrigerant. Contained within copper coils, the refrigerant travels through your system in a closed loop. If the refrigerant is somehow escaping these copper coils, you will need to have a professional HVAC technician examine your system. 

Common Signs Your System Is Leaking Refrigerant:

  • Warm air coming from the vents inside your house
  • You notice an increase in your energy bills
  • Ice has developed on the refrigerant lines or evaporator coil
  • There is a hissing sound coming from your system

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Is Your AC Unit Low On Refrigerant?

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