Arizona summers bring temperatures over 100 degrees and dry air that often forces residents inside. An alternative to cool the air around your backyard patio is to install a misting system. A misting system can reduce the “feels like” temperature by up to 30 degrees. Provide comfort to your friends and family and enjoy your backyard patio again with a misting system. Still not sure this is a good option for you? We’ll walk you through what a misting system is and why it is a great option for your back patio.

What Is A Misting System?

Frequently used by amusement parks, restaurants, and outdoor sporting facilities, misting systems take on a variety of forms to cool the outdoor air around them. They can range from large towers that push mist across crowds to misters hid among plants. Based on what you use your backyard most for will dictate which format would be best for your home. 

How Does A Misting System Work?

Basic science explains that water absorbs heat when it evaporates. This is the same process a misting system uses to cool the outdoor air without dampening your patio and furniture. The mist is created using high pressure pumps, properly sized tubing, and regulated spray tips. Fine enough to evaporate immediately when deployed from the spray tips, the mist has the ability to reduce the feels like temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Why Install A Misting System On My Patio? 

Create a Comfortable Space – Commonly installed around pools and patios, residential misting systems allow your family and friends to enjoy your backyard even during the warmest months.

Clean The Air – Dry air has the ability to irritate allergies and make it hard to breathe. Installing a misting system can alleviate symptoms of allergies because the water drops capture the pollutants and force them to the ground. 

Fend Off Insects – Similar to pollutants, the water droplets from a misting system make it difficult for insects to fly underneath. Small insects, like mosquitos and flies, won’t irritate you while you relax on your patio or in your pool. 

Energy Efficient – Being able to enjoy your patio and not being forced indoors will also lighten the use of your AC unit. Raising the temperature on your thermostat even a few degrees can help your AC system run more efficiently. This is possible by you spending additional time outdoors and not needing to run your air conditioning.

If you are seeking an alternative to stay cool this summer, we highly recommend installing a misting system. Your backyard patio and pool will be the place everyone will want to go and enjoy. Reliable Air Conditioning offers quality misting system installation and repair services. Contact our office today to schedule your in-home estimate and be prepared for the heat strikes this summer.

Are You Ready To Install A Misting System?

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