Radiant heating, commonly associated with baseboard style heaters, provides a great heating solution for your Arizona home or business. These heating systems come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate your needs. Reliable Air Conditioning offers professional installation and maintenance services for all of your radiant heating wishes.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems can be classified as underfloor heating systems or wall heating systems. Each of these heating systems has their own set of advantages that should be taken into account before you decide which you are wanting to install. Both systems do have similar benefits, including:

Radiant Heating Installations in Gilbert, AZ

  • Silent operation – There are no fans that need to cycle on and off, like those used in forced air systems.
  • No Air Movement – Radiant systems transfer heat instead of blowing, creating no air movement. This is great to prevent drafts and static energy in your home.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Indoor air pollutants are often circulated via the fans located in your traditional heating unit. With no fan, the quality of your air increases.
  • Energy Efficient – Energy loss is very little compared to forced air units that have ducts in the attic, which likely lose a lot of energy.
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If you are interested in learning more about radiant heat and how it is a great heating element for your Phoenix Valley home, Reliable Air Conditioning is here for you! Talk to our heating specialist today by calling our office at 480-639-6993.