Many benefits are associated with installing an air conditioning unit in a home. For instance, when you install an air conditioner in your home, it will reduce the number of allergens. This home appliance will also help provide a cool and comfortable environment. Such an environment is perfect for sleeping and exercising. To enjoy all these benefits, you need to buy a good AC unit and have one of our HVAC contractors install it. Below are more details on how the AC unit should be installed.

AC Unit Installation

How you will install your AC unit will determine the length of time it will continue working effectively. When you are installing an AC unit, you should ensure that the wiring is intact. You should also ensure that the room in which you are installing the AC unit is well insulated. If you install this system in a poorly insulated room, the unit will overwork, and hence its lifespan will be reduced. Below are the steps that you should follow when installing an AC unit.

1. Choose the Location Where You Will Mount the Indoor AC Unit

You should mount your indoor AC unit on one of your interior walls. However, you should ensure that the location that you choose is away from heat and direct sunlight. You should also ensure that the spot is away from power lines and antennas used for radio, televisions, telephones, and home security systems. Below are other considerations that you need to make when choosing a spot to mount the indoor unit.

  • Choose a spot with studs.
  • The distance between the floor and the spot that you choose should be at least 2.1 meters.
  • There should be open space around the spot that you choose.
  • Choose a location where you can drill a hole through the wall.

2. Secure Your Mounting Plate to the Wall

After identifying where you will mount your indoor AC unit, you should secure your mounting plate to the wall. To secure it, hold it against the chosen wall and mark the location of screw holes using a pencil. Remove the plate and then drill holes where your screws will go into. Hold the plate against the wall again and screw it in place.

3. Drill a Hole Through the Chosen Interior Wall

After screwing your mounting plate in place, you will need to drill a hole through the wall that you will use to feed pipes outside. You should drill this hole at the center of the mounting plate using a drill that has a hole-cutting attachment or a keyhole saw. You should also ensure that the hole is circular and it slopes downwards towards the ground.

4. Run the AC Unit Cables and Pipes Through the Hole That You Have Made

Lift the front panel of the AC unit and check whether the unit’s cables are connected to their screw terminals. If they are connected to their screw terminals, secure them together with pipes using a piece of electrical tape. However, you should ensure that the drainpipe is at the bottom, as this will ensure that there is a free flow of water.

Following the instruction written in the AC unit’s manual, run the cables and pipes through the hole you previously made. However, you should ensure that the cables and pipes are not bent as bent cables and pipes can lower the efficiency of an AC unit. You should also ensure that the draining pipe leads water to the appropriate place.

5. Attach the Indoor AC Unit to the Wall

Attaching the indoor AC unit to the wall involves securing it to the already installed mounting plate. To attach it, align the male connections on the mounting plate to the female connections on the AC unit. After this, press the unit against the wall to ensure that it is firmly held in place. However, you should ensure that this AC unit can tilt backward after attaching it to the wall.

6. Choose a Location Where You Will Position the Outdoor Unit

The perfect location to position your outdoor AC unit should be near the hole drilled through your mounting unit. If possible, you should position this unit 15 meters from this hole to ensure that the cables and pipes coming from the indoor unit can be easily attached to the outdoor unit. This place should also be shady and sheltered from dust and wind.

7. Lay a Concrete Pad on the Chosen Spot

It is not advisable to place an outdoor AC unit directly on the ground as it can shift around on rocks or dirt. That is why you need to lay a concrete pad on the chosen spot for the outdoor AC unit. You can buy this pad from home improvement stores.

When laying the concrete pad, use a leveler to ensure that the concrete pad is flat and evenly laid on the ground. You should also ensure that the pad is high enough to protect the outdoor AC unit from water that may stagnate on the ground.

8. Place the Outdoor Unit on Top of the Concrete Pad

Lay a rubber cushion on top of your concrete pad, and then place your outdoor AC unit on this cushion. The rubber cushion will help minimize the vibration that the AC unit will produce. After placing the outdoor AC unit on the cushion, secure it in place using anchor bolts.

9. Connect the Cables and Pipes Coming From the Indoor AC Unit to the Outdoor AC Unit

After securing your outdoor AC unit in place, remove its cover and fasten its cables with cable clamps. After doing this, replace the cover and connect the power cable running from the indoor AC unit to the outdoor unit. You will also need to secure the copper pipes coming from your indoor unit to your outdoor unit. It would help if you used flare nuts to secure these pipes. After securing the copper pipes, connect the AC unit to a power supply.

10. Remove Any Moisture or Air From the Refrigerant Circuit

To remove moisture and air from the refrigerant circuit, you will need to remove caps from the service port and the 3-way and 2-way valves. After doing this, put a vacuum pump hose in the service port and then vacuum the refrigerant circuit. After you are done vacuuming, do the following.

  • Replace the caps that you had previously removed.
  • Attach the AC unit’s pipes to the exterior wall using clamps.
  • Seal the hole on your wall using polyurethane foam.
  • Turn your AC unit on.

If you do not want to do all this work, you can let us install the AC unit on your behalf.

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